Sweet Kisses

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 5.26.40 AM
Her sweet kisses
get the juices flowing
as she moves down my body
and I keep growing
Pulling me into her mouth
I gently swing her hips around
and enjoy the sweetness
of her shaved mound
Moaning in pleasure
we rock and thrust
until our passion bursts
and sates our lust
Sweaty and spent
we lay arm in arm
exchanging sweet kisses
until our passions next storm
DRM 2016


I long for
tongue kisses
her body close to mine
feeling her hands push down my boxers
as my fingers slide down her panties to caress wet lips
I long for
silk sheets
as her body wraps around mine
our hands exploring this new frontier
as our mouths search for each other once again
I long for
her fingers guiding me deeply within
as she straddles me and our moans come in unison
with each bump and grind
until our passion explodes
and she falls into my arms
DRM 2016

Image from https://thetwistedpathgroup.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/the-interview-series-part-six-so-let-me-get-you-in-your-birthday-suit/

Another Late Night At Work

She’s working late again
and I can’t abide another silent night
so it’s a quick trip to her office
to solve this late night plight
It’s not very far to her place of work
and before you know it she’s leaning back in her office chair
with her heels on the desk and me under her skirt
It’s not long till her hips are gyrating
and her fingers are entangled in my hair
then it’s time for me to have a seat
as she mounts me in her leather chair
Her blouse hits the floor and her bra quickly follows
as my hands move up to her chest
and she grinds and bounces on this lucky fellow
Our lust satiated
it’s time for me to get going
until we share a passionate kiss goodbye
and find ourselves on the couch screwing
DRM 2015